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Best Cheap Gis for 2016

Hypnotik Base Gi is taking a look at the Best Cheap Gis for 2016. When we say “Cheap Gis,” we mean in price only. We’re talking about the best low-price BJJ gis that are durable, built to last and made by major brands you can trust. So, in no particular order, we present the Best Cheap Gis of 2016. Click on any link or picture to order now!

Hypnotik Base Gi

Hypnotik Base Gi Navy

The Hypnotik Base Gi comes with a free white belt, and it’s available in four different colors: white, black, blue and navy, as seen above. Hypnotik has redesigned the cut for a better fit, and the pants have been upgraded to a 10 oz. twill, making them heavier and more resilient than traditional twill cotton pants. The gi features a 450gsm Hybrid weave jacket that features a rubber collar, and it also comes with heavy cotton reinforcements in all areas.

The Hypnotik Base Gi currently has a 4.7/5 rating from customers. At just $89.99 with a free white belt, it’s definitely one of the best cheap gis on the market.

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

The Scramble Semi Custom Gi is the latest release from long-time BJJ brand. It’s a genius idea: let the people pick which patches they want on the gi, as well as where they want to put them. The Semi Custom Gi, aka Standard Issue Gi, features a very high-quality finish, a 450GSM pearl weave top and 230gsm cotton ripstop pants. This gi is built to last, and a killer bargain at just $89.99.

Tatami Nova Gi

Tatami Nova Gi

Here’s really all you need to know about the Tatami Nova Gi: out of 62 customer reviews on, 53 of them give the Nova 5/5 stars, and the other nine gave it 4/5. That’s impressive for any product. The Nova comes in white, blue or black, and it includes a free white belt — usually a separate expenditure. Tapered in all the key areas, the Nova features a 450gsm Hybrid weave jacket with heavy cotton reinforcements in all areas. Customers love it, and you will, too.

Fuji All Around White Gi

Fuji All Around White Gi

One of the all-time best-selling gis in the history of, the Fuji All Around Gi is used by beginners and experienced competitors alike. Just $93.99, this gi has always received excellent reviews from our customers. Check out this video review:

The fabric is medium weight, not too light and not too heavy, which makes it great for dual use – even in hot weather.

Combat Corner ECO V3.0 BJJ Gi

Combat Corner ECO V3.0

The Combat Corner ECO V3.0 Gi always has a place on our BJJ Best Sellers list, and it was one of the best-selling gis at in both 2014 and 2015. Just $89.99, the ECO V3.0 is available in white, blue and black. 33 of the 39 reviews on our site are a perfect 5/5 stars.

Check out this video review of the Combat Corner ECO V3.0 Gi:

So that’s a look at the Best Cheap Gis for 2016. Make sure you check out the huge selection of BJJ Gis at, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for new product updates and contests!

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