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Scramble Semi Custom Gi

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

Scramble has come up with a killer idea that BJJ players will absolutely love. The Scramble Semi Custom Gi, aka the Standard Issue Gi, allows you to customize your gi with the patches you want, wherever you want to place them.

First, let’s take a look at the new gi and the patches that come with it. Then we’ll check out all the features and specs. Simply click any link or picture to order yours now from MMAWarehouse.com!

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

Scramble Semi Custom Gi

You can see the nice variety of patches that are included with the Scramble Semi Custom Gi, and the price is absolutely amazing: just $89.99!

The patches can be ironed on, but as with all BJJ gi patches, it is recommended that you sew them on for the sake of durability. If you do iron them on, make sure to apply even heat, which will prevent shrinkage and ensure that the patches are adhered to the gi evenly.

The Semi Custom Gi features a very high-quality finish, a 450GSM pearl weave top and 230gsm cotton ripstop pants. This gi is built to last.

When you place the patches, make sure to check out our blog “Is Your BJJ Gi Competition Legal?” The IBJJF has strict requirements on how many patches you can have on your gi and where you can place them. Click the link to check out all the requirements.

The Scramble Semi Custom Gi is a great idea, but more importantly it’s practical, and gives users the freedom to decorate their gi as they see fit. It’s built to last and an incredible value at just $89.99. We expect this to be a quick sellout, so don’t delay if you want one of these gis in your collection. Get yours now from MMAWarehouse.com!

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