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Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguards

Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguards

Seymour Yang, aka Meerkatsu, creates some of the finest artwork in the BJJ community. His latest masterpiece is the new Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguard, now available at Let’s check them out. Simply click on the link or pictures to order yours now!

Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguards

The rashguards come in five different colors, or ranks: White, blue, purple, brown and black, and they are available in sizes from small through 2X. We’re going to show you the blue version, but just click the link if you’d like to see pictures of the other colors.

Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguards Blue

Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguards Blue

Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguards Blue

Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguards Blue

How gorgeous is that? Meerkatsu logo adorn both the left and right sleeves, while the stoic yet ferocious war lion graces the front and back. This is a BJJ rashguard, but it’s also a piece of art. Let’s check out the specs:

  • Meerkatsu design
  • Dye sublimation
  • 85% polyester and 15% elastin (also known as spandex)
  • Sublimated print will never crack or fade
  • Superior moisture-wicking polyester blend resists pilling

The rashguard features flatlock stitching for added comfort, and it’s also IBJJF-legal for competitions. While these are called ranked rashguards, you certainly can just rock the color you like best, or the color that best matches your shorts or BJJ spats.

Meerkatsu’s art is top notch, and so is the quality of his products. Expect your new rashguard to be durable and last you many, many rolls on the mats. has never carried a Meerkatsu product that did not get exceptional rankings and reviews from our customers.

So do yourself a solid and get a new Meerkatsu Ranked Rashguard from!

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