VXRSI [vuhr-sahy] root:Latin: way or direction, against, versus

Celebrating the art of competition in its truest form - VXRSI is the creative embodiment of the human fighting spirit, the heart of all sport, from its most primitive roots into modern times & beyond. Fused with art and culture at its very core, VXRSI is a sport and lifestyle-inspired apparel label, shaped and influenced by the diverse, driving ethics of defining athletes, artists, and activists. VXRSI champions the standard of an aesthetics minded approach, aiming to connect across a multitude of audiences.

Through the VXRSI philosophy, its not solely about victory or defeat. Its about striving and overcoming. Its growing and evolving. Its the journey, the experience, and how it effects you. Its immersing yourself in the here and now. How you express and define you.  Join us.