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Stay Organized with an MMA Gym Bag

I'm that guy. Class is starting in twenty minutes. I'm finishing up dinner, answering some e-mails and talking to the family all at once. I realize that I have to leave in just a few minutes. Which is when the "pre-class panic" sets in.


Where is my gi? Did I hang it in the closet? Leave it to dry in the laundry room? I start the hunt. I need to find the three different pieces: the jacket, the pants and the belt, maybe all in different places. I scurry around to find them all, but I'm not done yet.


Now I need to find one of my rashguards. I start looking, hoping I remembered to wash one. I don't find one in the laundry room, but open up a drawer and see a nicely folded and clean rashguard staring at me. Score!


Now I just need to remember where I put my mouthguard. And my keys. Can't forget the wallet. After everything is in hand, I walk out the door looking like the bachelor at the grocery store that doesn't want to use a shopping cart.


So I've been working all day and I've created all this pre-class stress because I'm unorganized. Instead of mentally focusing on what techniques I want to work on in class, I'm running late and racing across town to get to school on time.


I'm sure I'm not the only one that does this. Guys are guys, and many of us aren't exactly neat freaks. Most of us are pulled in a bunch of different directions all day long, and it's easy to become unorganized. One way to conquer that and avoid the "pre-class panic" is to buy an MMA gym bag.


It's the perfect way to stay organized before and after a BJJ class. You'll be able to keep your flip-flops, mouthguard and even a cup in there all the time, and you won't have to do that balancing act of phone-keys-gi-rashguard-cup etc. on your way into school. Here are some great choices to help you stay organized for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and more, featuring gym bags both large and small.


Jaco Vented Convertible Equipment Bag 2.0

Jaco Vented Convertible Equipment BagIf you can't stay organized with this bag, we're going to have to call one of those experts from those TV shows. Owning the Jaco Vented Convertible Equipment Bag 2.0 is like taking a mini-locker room with you.


One customer says, "This bag is so durable and perfect for all the stuff you need for any kind of gym. Separate compartments for soiled clothes, pockets for drinks, valuables and more."


The Jaco bag has back straps, so you can wear it as a back pack or carry it like a duffle bag. The velour-lined valuables pocket is a nice perk, as is the side storage and cooler pocket. The expandable mesh compartment is great to air out clothing, and the extra storage with a separate compartment ensures you'll have enough room for anything you want to bring to the gym.


The bag features a really slick design, too. There are four different color blends to choose from, including my favorite: SugaFly Yellow and Black.


Venum Thai Camp Sport Bag

Venum Thai Camp Sport BagIf you're looking for something a bit smaller than the Jaco 2.0, the Venum Thai Camp Sport Bag is a great option. This bag is described as "a simple, classic bag designed to do one thing very well - get your gear where you need to go!"


While it doesn't have back straps, it does have hand straps and a shoulder strap. So you can carry it two different ways. The Venum Thai Camp Sport Bag features mesh ventilation panels that prevent moisture retention and odor buildup, something that will make your team or classmates happy.


As far as room is concerned, one customer said that he is able to fit his 16 oz. gloves, shinguards, headgear, wrestling boots, gi and shorts in the bag, with room left over.


The bag is hand-made in Thailand, and comes in black with white panels on the ends. All sides display the iconic Venum logo.


Hayabusa Mesh Gear Bag

Hayabusa Mesh Gear BagThe Hayabusa Mesh Gear Bag is consistently among the top selling gym bags at MMAWarehouse, and the Hayabusa brand is known for its high-quality products.


The Hayabusa bag is very durable, constructed with a tough, puncture and abrasion resistant mesh exterior, and a coated nylon bottom.


One customer says that he can fit two pairs of boxing gloves, a pair of shin guards, protective headgear, elbow pads, handwraps, towel, water bottle and a first aid kit with a bit of room left over. He also was thrilled with what he called the "great Hayabusa quality!"


The bag features significant mesh ventilation, perfect for guys (like me) that come home from a class and forget to remove the sweaty gear and clothes. It also has a water resistant inner pocket to separate some items.


“Hayabusa" is Japanese for peregrine falcon, which is prominently featured in their well-known logo, and displayed in different sizes on the bag.


Tatami Jiu Jitsu Gear Bag

Tatami Jiu Jitsu Gear BagThe Tatami Jiu-Jitsu Gear Bag features a sleek mix of design and practicality. There's plenty of room to carry all of your BJJ gear, and it also has some swagger in the messaging. Down one of the side panels reads, "Eat. Breathe. Sleep. Jiu Jitsu." It largely displays the Tatami Fightwear logo, and has "Jiu-Jitsu Team" etched on an angle on the front of the bag.


The bag can be used as a back pack or duffel-like gym bag, and it largely displays the Tatami Fightwear logo. The main area of the bag is large, but it also has several pockets to keep some items separate.


One customer says that the bag is made of strong material and seems very durable. They loved the design too. "I love this bag and it shows off my love of Jiu-Jitsu."


So there you have it. There are plenty of different designs and styles of MMA gym bags to help you stay organized -- and look good while doing it.