SprawlSPRAWL Shorts

SPRAWL® has been nothing short of revolutionary in the grappling and MMA world.  Back in 2002 when athletes had only options of either low cut board shorts or Lycra spandex shorts, SPRAWL® introduced the First Loose Fit Short Designed for Grappling™ and fight shorts have never been the same ever since.

Features such as a unique Cross-Side Waistband, a velcro closure, and internal drawstring made the shorts very popular with MMA fighters.  Since then, SPRAWL® shorts have gone through several generations of improvements, such as the addition of a split side seam and variable stretch technology.

When you wear a pair of SPRAWL® shorts you can be assured that you are wearing the authentic and original loose-fit fight short.  They are dedicated to creating industry leading products and representing the sports of MMA and grappling with professionalism and innovation.  SPRAWL® ... The First. The Original. The Standard in Loose Fit Fight Shorts.