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Virus Bioceramic Compression Tech Pants

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Engineered for endurance and recovery. Bioceramic technology based on a proprietary fabric infused with natural compounds that emit Far-Infrared into the body producing many benefits.


Pant construction has been engineered for and best used in endurance activities and post workout. Developed with a technically advanced compression pattern that focuses compression on entire leg back to core. Offers good knee protection from the elements and full leg compression. Heavy-duty construction and biomechanical patterning keep you going longer and back quicker. Use alone or in combination with outwear.


  • Made up of Bio-Ceramic materials
  • Compression fit
  • Comfortable and ventilated to give maximum benefits to aid in endurance and recovery
  • Best for use during or after a work out



  • Virus Bioceramic Compression Tech Pants

    Size Chart

    Sizing Waist
    S 28-29
    M 30-32
    L 33-35
    XL 36-39
    2X 40-43