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Stitch Duran Qwick-Aid

Stitch Duran Qwick-Aid

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Used during fights by Stitch Duran himself, the best cut-man in the fight business!


Stops bleeding in less than a minute, which is perfect for any combat sport, gym or personnel use. 100% natural, Qwick-Aid is a hemostatic gauze pad that does not require a prescription and is easy to use. Just apply direct pressure and the matrix design will draw the blood into the sea weed base and create a clot that will remain closed after you remove the gauze pad.



  • The Qwick-AID® bandage is all natural, non-allergenic and biocompatible
  • The Qwick-AID® bandages do not contain minerals or shellfish derivatives
  • The Qwick-AID® bandage is compatible with salves and topical ointments
  • The Qwick-AID® bandage will not stick to the wound


  • (10) 2″ x 2″ bandages
  • (20) latex free waterproof tape strips
  • (1) spray bottle
  • Stitch Duran Qwick-Aid

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