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Onnit Coral Calcium

Onnit Coral Calcium

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Why Coral Calcium? The Mineral Advantage

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get adequate minerals from the many processed foods in our diets. Current research supports the idea that the average individual is often not meeting an optimum daily intake of magnesium, calcium, and trace minerals. We have partnered with Brazil Live Coral to bring you coral calcium that is harvested from coral that has naturally washed up on the beaches in Brazil, and then cold processed to preserve the rich array of mineral content. As one of the richest natural sources of calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals, Onnit Live Coral Calcium is an ideal way to support skeletal, circulatory, and overall systemic health.

The Best Coral Calcium in the World

Live Coral Calcium is the only live harvested coral calcium. Brazilian coral calcium is live harvested from the untouched beaches of Brazil. Most other coral calcium supplement products on the market are from Okinawa, Japan and would be classified as marine grade coral calcium. Marine grade coral calcium or below-sea coral calcium is vacuumed from the bottom of the ocean, which often leads to inclusion of sand and other materials from the sea floor.

Live Coral Calcium also contains more minerals than the Okinawa coral calcium. Being live harvested and cold processed, Live Coral Calcium keeps its minerals intact, giving you a superior coral calcium.

The comparison of Okinawa coral calcium to Live Coral Calcium is like frozen or canned produce versus fresh harvested vegetables. It is analogous to the choice between heat-treated canned peas or peas picked fresh from your garden.

Environmentally Friendly Harvesting Process

Brazil Live Coral is actual living coral so it is very important that it be harvested without harming the delicate coral reefs. The species of coral used does not generally grow in coral reefs. The tiny corals attach to pieces of seaweed on the sandy ocean bottom. It typically reaches the size of a baseball and then washes up on shore with the wave action where it will die within 48 hours when exposed to the sun. If they are not harvested they will just decompose. Brazilian locals are employed to collect this coral from the beaches at low tide. To ensure the natural cycle of decomposing coral is allowed to occur, the crop is rotated from beach to beach.

Natural Ingredients


Magnesium is needed for hundreds of your body's basic functions, including helping regulate your heart, blood pressure, and nervous system.†


We all know that calcium is important to support bone health, and here are some lesser known functions of calcium — affects muscle contraction, blood vessel contraction and expansion, the secretion of hormones and enzymes, and sending messages through the nervous system.†

Trace Minerals

Onnit Coral Calcium

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