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Onnit 180

Onnit 180

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Onnit 180: The Turnaround Formula



Onnit 180 is a totally unique combination of our flagship cognitive enhancer, Alpha BRAIN, mixed with unique, specialized nutrients to give your body a 180 degree revitalization boost. Combining the neurotransmitter support of Alpha BRAIN with the best adaptogens from Shroom TECH Sport, a little 5-HTP from New MOOD, and some minerals for the immune system, these nutrients play a key role in supporting multiple body systems for recovery from stress. Beyond those familiar Onnit ingredients, we wanted to add a few new specialized ingredients to round out the blend.

The Onnit 180 Drink Mix combines the flagship Alpha BRAIN nootropic formula with additional vitamins, antioxidants, 5-HTP and the Indian herb, ashwagandha. Formulated for quick absorption, Onnit 180 provides the ideal combination to clear the mental fog and make a rapid recovery from hangovers, laborious travel, or sleep deprivation.



When / how to take:

180 is not designed as a daily supplement, but specifically formulated to take specifically to help the body rebound from stressful situations such as the following:

For Flying:

Take 30 minutes prior to takeoff, and/or within 30 minutes of concluding your air travel. Should this window be less than 4 hours, stagger servings so that they are evenly spaced on either side of air travel at an interval of at least 4 hours. Warning: dramatic reduction in jet lag may incite increased travel to more exotic locations.

For Hangover:

Take immediately upon waking up with a tall glass of water. If desired, wait 4-6 hours and repeat. Say goodbye to your hangover.

For Pity Party:

Got the blues? Take a serving in a tall glass of water and go for a walk outside. By the time you get back you should be feeling like a warrior ready to face your challenges.

All Nighter:

We don’t need to know why you didn’t sleep, we just want to help you fix it. Take a serving to help you stay awake, and if you desire, one to help you recover after you finally get some sleep!


Onnit 180

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