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MMA Products to Make You Bigger - Stronger - Faster

Bigger. Stronger. Faster. As a martial artist or fighter, you're trying to become at least one of those, if not all three. Hitting the weights and technique reps help, but there are a number of products that can assist you in your quest to become the best athlete you can be. Here are some of the MMA products that can help you become bigger, stronger and faster.


MusclePharm Fat Loss Bundle

Muscle Pharm Fat Loss BundleLosing weight and getting lean is a huge part of MMA. The sport requires discipline and careful preparation with your body composition for months, weeks, days and even hours before a fight. Get to where you want to be in a more efficient and safer method by taking advantage of the high quality supplements available from MusclePharm -- Reduce fat and get faster!


Stroops Explosive Kick Slastix® Training System

The Stroops Explosive Kick Slastix Training System will help you develop power and speed in your kicks. One reviewer called it "The perfect tool to improve kicks." It comes in three different resistance levels.

Stroops says that many grapplers are using the Explosive Kick in a defensive position, using it to provide resistance to a sprawl. They're also using it for takedowns. Resistance levels increase the further from the anchor you get as to teach the athlete to FINISH the move.


Elevation Training Mask 2.0

We wrote an in-depth review of Elevation Training Mask 2.0, but all you might need to know is that it has been one of the top-selling items at for a long time. It enables fighters and athletes to improve breathing technique and increase performance and endurance by simulating high altitude training.


One of the best benefits is that it helps you learn how to maximize your breathing. It seems like a foreign concept, but it's a crucial part of increasing cardio output. After using the mask to simulate high altitude training, athletes and fighters say that their other activities like sparring, running, weight-lifitng feel much easier.


Buddy Lee's Rope Master Jump Rope

Jumping rope is the perfect way to warm up for a training session or workout, or to increase cardio, tone up and lose weight. The Buddy Lee's Rope Master Jump Rope is designed with a swivel bearing system that is technically engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling and allows smooth turning action in all directions. This rope features an adjustment system that allows you to shorten and custom size the rope for your height in seconds.


Combat Sports Legged Grappling DummyCombat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy

Training doesn't end when class is over. Working on your own is a great way to hone the techniques and skills you learn. You can do that at home or the office with your new best friend: The Combat Sports Legged Grappling Dummy.


This dummy stands 5'6" tall and weighs 70 pounds, and it can be used for takedowns, throws, submissions and strikes. One reviewer said he likes it because he can execute moves very slowly to pay attention to the fine details. You can also just ground and pound it for a good workout. 


Century Versaflex Stretch Assist

The Century Versaflex Stretch Assist is a great product for at home or the gym. If you're looking for increased flexibility while rolling or for higher, faster kicks, stretching is a key component to that. This machine helps you stretch the same way each time, and you can actually monitor you're progress as you use it. It will help you stretch hamstring, obliques, lower back and more. Since stretching on your own can be difficult -- and a drag -- the Stretch Assist is a great help. 


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