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Jiu Jitsu Style: Coolest BJJ Rashguards


A person's rashguard can say a lot about them. Especially if they don't wash it. But right now we're talking about style, not smell. There's more to the roll than the technique. There's a culture to Jiu Jitsu, and part of that is style. You want style? You got it. Even if you don't, everybody needs rashguards. Especially that guy that only has one and doesn't wash it. Here are some of the coolest jiu jitsu rashguards to show off your style.



BJJ Life Tuxedo Rash Guard

Tuxedo RashguardNothing says you have panache and class like The BJJ Life Tuxedo Rash Guard. One reviewer put it this way: "While your training partner is focused on your schmancy attire, you're beating the schnozberries out of him." We're not exactly sure it works that way, but we'll take his word for it.


Another reviewer is happy with it's durability -- and versatility. "This rash guard is excellent for jiu jitsu training. It fits well and is very durable. It's also great to wear to formal events like a wedding or a presidential inauguration." But perhaps best of all is this: "I look like James Bond in the dojo." Money.



Tatami Honey Badger 3.0 Rashguard

Tatami Honey BadgerDesigned by Meerkatsu and powered by Tatami Fightwear, the Tatami Honey Badger 3.0 Rashguard is the latest in the series that has become a cult classic. The design is as slick as it gets. One reviewer says, "Meerkatsu is by far the best artist putting art in the BJJ world."


While design and style are appealing aspects of the Honey Badger, that wouldn't matter if it wasn't a quality rashguard. Another reviewer says, "I use it every time I train, already washed no issues and no shrinkage or unraveling. Great rash guard!



Fuji Musashi Longsleeve Rashguard

Fuji MusashiThe Fuji Musashi Longsleeve Rashguard features a sharp black and white design on both the front and back. One reviewer likes that it is well-ventilated and adds, "WAY better than any rashguard I've ever owned."


Another reviewer says, "This rashgaurd is very comfortable and has gotten a lot of compliments." The contrast of the black and white really makes this rashguard stand out and pop. The Fuji Musashi looks great by itself or under a white gi. It will definitely show you have style.



Meerkatsu Heavenly Wristlock Rashguard

Meerkatsu Heavenly WristlockThe Meerkatsu Heavenly Wristlock Rashguard not only looks cool, it has a cool name. The design on this rashguard features a geisha girl subtly making a demon writhe in pain as she applies a wristlock while holding an umbrella in her other hand. It's a metaphor for the beauty of jiu jitsu: gentle technique can overcome strength.


Customers love that it dries quickly and one is very pleased with its performance. "I wear this both in no-gi competitive jiu jitsu training and competitions. And I also wear it under my gi when I train and compete to prevent my gi from causing "gi burn" to my upper body.



Under Armour Alter Ego Series

Under Armour Captain AmericaThe Under Armour Alter Ego Series is undoubtedly one of the coolest additions to the rashguard family. There are several different styles to choose from: Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman and Captain America. All you have to do is decide which Superhero you like best, or fits your alter ego.


One customer loves to roll in it. "So far I've used it in a number of training sessions and it holds up really well and does not restrict any movements and keeps you feeling cool, even under the summer sun. The design speaks for itself and if you like what you see on the screen, you'll definitely not be disappointed with what you receive."


If you wear it under your gi and tap someone, you could get up and rip open your gi jacket to reveal the 'S' on your chest. We don't recommend doing that — just throwing it out there.


We could go on and on about all the cool rashguards that are available. The Manto Altia Rashguard, the Contract Killer CK Rashguard and the Gawakoto Monkey King Rashguard are a few more examples of rashguards with unique styles. 


Click here to check out all of the rashguards at Have fun picking out the ones you like and best wishes in your training!

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