Fashion Has Heart is a non-profit and non-partisan organization committed to honoring and empowering America's Brave through a variety of unique programs and partnerships. Tens of thousands of troops have been wounded in recent conflicts, many of them suffering traumatic brain injuries, amputations, severe burns and PTSD.


The mission of FHH is to utilize the medium of Fashion and Art to raise awareness and support their rehabilitation efforts through a dynamic approach of art making, graphic/fashion design and product development. We're committed to providing unique and direct programs and services that ease the burdens of the wounded and their families and aid in the recovery process and transition back to civilian life.


FHH honors the men and women who sacrifice for our country. These service men and women give life and limb to protect our freedoms and only through the help of individuals who come together in their communities, can FHH continue to aid this generation, and those to come, with the comfort and support they need. Please help us help them and consider a donation. Thank you for your support. At FHH we believe that without their sacrifice there is no freedom of Fashion or Art.


Fashion Has Heart has initiated a unique project due to the inspiration of one brave individual, Corporal Josh Hoffman. We're teaming up graphic designers with American Heroes who together collaboratively develop graphic designs that fulfill that Veteran's creative vision. We also welcome Wounded Veteran's the opportunity to submit a design of their own. All designs that are created are then made available for sale on apparel and products – the proceeds of which go to help with the rehabilitative needs of America's Wounded Soldiers.


Studies show that those going through the rehabilitative process that many Veterans face can benefit significantly by having a creative outlet to express themselves. It is our mission to provide that outlet.


FHH has joined forces with Regal Financial Group,, Ranger UP and MusicSkins to proudly bring you The Corporal Hoffman Series – utilizing fashion, art, and community to make a Wounded Warrior's creative vision realized.


Despite the inability to talk or even move as a result of a sniper's bullet in Iraq, Cpl Hoffman – now 29 – is determined to use his heart, mind and creative passion to inspire other wounded warriors to continue to live and dream.


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