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Bundle Up to Save Money on MMA Gear

We'll let you in on the easiest way to save money on MMA and BJJ gear: Bundles. MMAWarehouse offers gear bundles across multiple disciplines for men, women and children.

So what is a bundle? It's basically a way to get a lot of gear in one click.

Venum Complete Elite Bundle

For example, we currently offer the Venum Complete Elite Bundle. That bundle contains Venum Elite headgear, boxing gloves, bag gloves and shinguards. You still have the option to choose different sizes and colors, but you get it all in one shipment.

So how does this save you money? There are a few ways. The first is that bundles are much cheaper than buying each item individually. The Venum Complete Elite Bundle currently sells for $269.99. If you bought each item individually, it would cost you over $300.

You would also have to pay multiple shipping charges. Our flat rate shipping is only $4.95, but you wouldn't even have to pay that because there is no shipping charge for orders of $125 or more. But if you were to buy those items individually, you would have to pay four different shipping charges.

Another way to look at it is that you are getting free gear. The savings on the bundle basically amount to the cost of bag gloves. Who wouldn't want free, new bag gloves? And we all know that getting new gear is a motivator. When you buy new basketball or running shoes, you want to go try them out right away. Plus, you've made a financial commitment, so you're motivated by that, too.

So we like gear bundles, and more importantly, our customers like
gear bundles. Click the link to check out MMAWarehouse's current gear bundle offers.

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