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Meerkatsu Flying Peacock Spats

BJJ players. We have for you yet another magnificent, original design from Meerkatsu, in-stock and ready to ship: Behold, the Meerkatsu Flying Peacock Spats.

Meerkatsu Flying Peacock Spats

Meerkatsu Flying Peacock Spats
Meerkatsu Flying Peacock Spats
Meerkatsu Flying Peacock Spats

The pictures of these amazing BJJ spats are enough to make you drool over the prospect of rolling in them. However, I must provide you with more detail about the dominance of the Meerkatsu Flying Peacock Spats.

According to the product description, peacocks are the most showy and badass of all fowl. These birds strut around carrying huge magnificent tail feathers. Each feather is a work of incredible depth and beauty, but when unfurled they present an amazing display. But it’s not all show offy beauty, peacocks are badass, they can fly and they can fight. What better metaphor than a peacock to show off your grappling prowess. Featuring all original hand drawn artwork by Meerkatsu, these Flying Peacocks are not for the shy and retiring.

What is there left to say? The spats are done with sublimated artwork, meaning there will be no chips or cracks like the old-timey logos on BJJ rashguards and spats. Click this cool button to buy a pair or two.


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